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New WordPress Themes for SecondLifeKid

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Hi, kid-bloggers.
I installed some new WordPress themes on that are more kid-oriented. Here are a few of the niftiest ones:

BalloonsIntheSky84thumb Big Treethumb Blue Leavesthumb
Books & Imaginationthumb Butterfliesthumb Butterfly Blogthumb
Cheerful Kidsthumb Colorfulthumb colorful-10thumb
manycolorsidea-10thumb Dancalicious73thumb desk-messthumb
dream-onthumb Esteroxthumb Hands_Upthumb
HoldingHands77thumb In The Classroomthumb Its-a-boythumb
Moo72thumb NT-TheChildhoodOfEternitythumb orange_partythumb
pink-kupy-10thumb sl-documentingthumb TeamRejoice98thumb
skater-boythumb soccer_fansthumb TheDungeonthumb
wp-ice-cream-flavorthumb myGuitar36thumb sunfeastthumb

See all the themes by logging in to your control panel and clicking on “Design”
Happy Blogging!
-Adz Has A New Owner

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Hello. Adz Childs here.

Katronix has handed to me. See a more detailed announcement, here. All of your blogs are intact, but you may have already noticed some changes to the front page. I hope you like them.

  • Adz Childs is your host, admin, and moderator. Contact me to set up and make changes to your kids’ blog. Email adz -at-
  • Katronix no longer has access to the ftp, email, or administrator controls, so don’t bother asking him.
  • Your blog is hosted by Bluehost. (Specifically, is now an add-on domain for, but that shouldn’t matter much).
  • The web server offers a much greater storage limit than the one Kat was using. Effective immediately, your pictures upload limit has increased from 10MB to 50MB. If you need more, ask!
  • I have beautified the front page with some pics of SL kid avatars, some teasers from the most recent posts across the whole site, and a sidebar featuring kid blog posts not restricted to this site.


Welcome to SecondLifeKid

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Welcome to, this is a site for those of us who play Second Life either as a child or a teen, or who are at least young at heart.

This site has no affiliation with Second Life or Linden Labs, except that we are usually happy customers of theirs in the wonderful world called Second Life. If your here to write your story about Second Life, then welcome! Grab an account, and sit at your desks, and tell us about your adventures.