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Hello, Kid Bloggers

I just created a new logo for
Also, a favicon: secondlifekid-favicon

I also have the following favicon’s that you can use for your kid blog, overridding the purple hand on the main site. These icons will appear when a visitor bookmarks your blog.

kid_hand_1.ico kid_hand_2.ico kid_hand_3.ico kid_hand_4.ico kid_hand_5.ico crayons.ico

If you want one of these for your blog, just ask.

I was Inspired by:
[Second LifeĀ® logo usage not permitted.]

and by Jacek Antonelli’s Imprudence Project Logo,

and by, Jacek Antonelli’s Mouth-In-Foot logo



7 Responses to “New Logo”

  1. swaggergirl says:

    how do you download secondlife kids?

  2. emo8 says:

    this isn’t secondlifekid is it it’s just word press

  3. peachesgirl says:

    ya how do u download?!

  4. vaanisa says:

    how i can download the secondlivekids

  5. vaanisa says:

    hi im vaanisa hi emo8

  6. vaanisa says:

    but there is just second live so register in it and we can talk and you can download it so i register in it .

  7. savannah says:

    how can i play

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