Has A New Owner

Hello. Adz Childs here.

Katronix has handed to me. See a more detailed announcement, here. All of your blogs are intact, but you may have already noticed some changes to the front page. I hope you like them.

  • Adz Childs is your host, admin, and moderator. Contact me to set up and make changes to your kids’ blog. Email adz -at-
  • Katronix no longer has access to the ftp, email, or administrator controls, so don’t bother asking him.
  • Your blog is hosted by Bluehost. (Specifically, is now an add-on domain for, but that shouldn’t matter much).
  • The web server offers a much greater storage limit than the one Kat was using. Effective immediately, your pictures upload limit has increased from 10MB to 50MB. If you need more, ask!
  • I have beautified the front page with some pics of SL kid avatars, some teasers from the most recent posts across the whole site, and a sidebar featuring kid blog posts not restricted to this site.


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  1. princess7494 says:

    Im a child in second life and i want a mommy and daddy please help me find a good home my username is princess7494 in second life.

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