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Don't have a kids' blog yet? Why the heck not!?! To create your own blog at, you must:
  1. Have a child avatar character in Second Life®.
  2. Click on [Create a New Account]
  3. Contact Adz Childs in world. Alternatively, email adz -at- I will create a blog and associate it with the account you created. Then, it's all yours! Be sure to include the following information:
    • What would you like the subdomain to be, i.e., "".
    • What is the intial title of the site, i.e. "Artificial Boy"
    • If it is not obvious, what is your avatar name is SL?
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Are you having trouble with Step 1 “Have a child avatar character in Second Life®”?  This post will clarify what I mean.

Second Life Wiki definition of Second Life Child Avatar .  Cool! I want one.  How to create one?

1. Join Second Life

2. Download the Second Life Viewer.

3. Log in to Second Life using the Second Life Viewer and the account you created in step 1

4. Take the inworld tutorial and familiarize yourself with the game’s controls.  Edit your appearance so your avatar resembles a child, or use the build-in search to find a ready-made shape you can buy to save yourself some time.  You are not stuck with this shape forever. In Second Life, it is easy to swap or modify avatar shapes whenever you want.

Of course, for most people, there is more to the experience than the avatar shape. You may choose to take on the persona of a child, develop a back-story (no doubt it will be a short one hehe ), or take part in a long term role play involving other characters you meet.  For example you can designate some willing participants to be your character’s friends, parents, or siblings. There are also some places in Second Life where your presence implies participation in an elaborate role play.  All of this is at your option. Your reasons for living a Second Life in the shape of a child are yours alone.

Second Life is user content-driven. There is a location in Second Life designed to help people who want to create child-shaped avatars and get started.  The location is:  Second Life Youth Centre (This link will only work once you have the Second Life Viewer installed.)

Also , Second Life allows groups to be created, banding together virtual characters by common interests. There are several Second Life groups whose members share an interest in wearing child avatar shapes part- or full-time. The top three in order of membership count are, “Second Life Children”, “SL Kids”, and “Kids Information Center”.  You can find them in in-world search under Groups.

In conclusion, to have a blog on this website — for that matter, to have any reason to have a blog on this website — step 1 is you must have a character in Second Life, and it must look like a child at least some of the time. :)  After step 1, further instructions are in the sticky on the home page.


Kid bloggers!  I have performed a major version upgrade of WordPress MU as directed by the WordPress developers.  If you have trouble logging in, the first thing to try is to delete you cookies.

If the trademark disclaimer on the bottom of your chosen theme doesn’t look right, please let me know. In most cases it just requires a few minutes of work to fix it.  I don’t want to go through the trouble of fixing the footer of every theme. I am only willing to fix the ones that people are actually using. So, let me know if the footer doesn’t look right, to you, and I’ll get right on it.

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